Rock Island Lake Club Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Wedding at the Rock Island Lake Club, 485 Glen Rd, Sparta Township, NJ 07871

About the shot – Wedding photography

Framing the Bride and Groom with this window at the Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta NJ helps showcase the romance of the day. We used a flash and a trigger behind the newlyweds and exposed for the outside wall. Adding enough light inside without washing the color of the chandelier or up lighting of the venue. I liked the slight tilt of the window better than straight on.

Through the window

Bride & Groom Through the Window

The Groom

Groom Prep

A little fixing of the tie for the groom.

The groom getting ready for the day.


His watch and Cuff Links

His Watch and Cuff Links

First Kiss


Wedding Portrait

Portrait session

Portrait session

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The Rings

How To – Creative Wedding Ring Shots

By Wedding Photographer Jason Giordano

Always looking for new angles and fresh looks. I’ve been concentrating on the wedding rings lately.  Having shot thousands of weddings it can become  difficult to get out of your comfort zone and you can really fall into a pattern if you are not careful. Wedding Photography is a great outlet if you really enjoy people and have a knack for anticipating what people are about to do. I’m very well-known in the industry for my wedding photojournalism approach.  What most don’t know is how much I enjoy the creative side as well.  There is always time to do something different.

Wedding Ring

The Rose

The Rose & Wedding Rings

The Rose is fairly simple.  All about the lighting really.  Here I stood with the window at me back during sunset. The room was fairly dark and a few candles were lit in the distance.  I used a 105 macro lens @ f5.6 iso 800.  The difficult part was handholding the Rose in one hand and the camera in the other.  Keeping from shaking either hand was tough but I managed.


Wedding Ring Lighting

Wedding Rings with LED lighting directly above

The above photo of the wedding rings was taken with the same lens same settings.  Candles again in the background but what you can’t see is the LED light that I use for videos!  The LED light has a set of barn doors and is placed directly above the rings.

Jason Giordano Wedding Photography

Clifton NJ

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