Bridal Hangers


It’s in the details

Custom bridal hangers are the best accessory for brides. More important than you may think.  They add that little something extra to your gown and many brides say they “make their dress complete!” Many brides get hangers for their bridesmaids, wedding parties, mother-of-the-bride, mother of the groom, and their maid of honor. These hangers with your name are also a must-have for taking the perfect wedding gown photos! They frame it and add that “something special” to the picture to create a memory guaranteed to last forever.

Another must have for every wedding! We often have several meetings with our brides to assure we are up to date with the latest changes. During each these meetings I never forget to mention the need to have nice hanger to put the dress on. After the time and money has been spent on finding your wedding gown it is absolutely necessary to have something nice for it to hang on for the photographer.  Nothing is less  expensive and makes such a huge impact. Most of all be sure your gown has something nice to hang from.

Also, let’s not forget they also make fantastic bridal shower gifts or engagement party presents. If you are a bridesmaid or looking for the best bridal shower gift this would be a great way to go.


Have you thought about the wedding gown photo?  Because it’s on the top of the list for most wedding photographers of must get photos! Some old plastic hanger just won’t do, it devalues the beauty of the dress. Finally with that said we hope you found this information useful.

You can purchase custom hangers here on amazon.


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