Engagement Season

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Engagement Season

Well it’s the season once again. The time when newly engaged couples are starting to plan their wedding and begin the critical search for the right photographer. After all it is the photographer  going to be the one that captures the essence of a lifes worth of dreams hopes and expectations.

Engagement Photographer

Engagement photography session with Jason Giordano.

Everyone knows engagement photography has become part of the lengthly process of planning a wedding. Perhaps it may seem a bit trendy.  But there are quite a few benefits to both the photographer and the couple in doing so.   What is engagement photography and why is it important for you to consider?


The stable.

For me it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know my new friends on a personal level.  Be sure you do your research before making contact. You want to know that you like the work before calling to discuss package pricing and details. Once you’re convinced you’ve found the professional of your liking and the reviews are positive it’s time to make the call. Introduce yourself and be sure to provide the date and locations. Most professionals would ask for this information before continuing anyway. There are two ways that I see it in managing your engagement session as far as booking. I’ll discuss both options next.

Our humans are getting married!

Option number one.

One way to do it is to hire the photographer for just the session first and then for the wedding if you really enjoyed the time you’ve spent with them.  The bridal party wants to have a great time. Chances are they will cooperate and listen to what he or she is saying if they enjoy being around them enough.  You definitely need to have an easy going fun and upbeat personality in this business. Another great trait is to know when and how to disappear and still get the shots you need. With so much going on on your day you need someone that has seen it all and know exactly how to handle every  situation. If you hire the photographer for your session separately you may pay a premium.  We are happy to add the cost to the total of most wedding photography packages.

Stable Kiss

A sweet kiss in the stable.

Option number two.

Include the engagement session in your wedding photography  package. Like most any purchases you will be making for your wedding day the more you commit to purchasing the better deal you may receive. Other options to consider are wedding albums, gallery wrap prints, and thank you cards to name a few. If there is one suggestion I would have for anyone considering hiring a professional photographer besides checking reviews for both positive and negative, it would be to schedule a one on one meeting. Perhaps not as critical for an engagement session but certainly before signing a contract for the wedding.

I sincerely hope this helped and welcome any and all questions. Feel free to call 973-619-5678 with any questions. We would love to hear from you.

Photos were taken  on Willow Creek Farm in Montville NJ

Jason Giordano