Plan early to pick photographer for your big event




Plan early to properly hire a photographer to document your wedding or other special event.

by Rebecca A. Taylor, Angie’s List contributor

Just about everyone with a cell phone can take a focused picture. But not just anyone can photograph a wedding or other special event so its essence is forever captured. For that, you need an experienced wedding or event photographer. To find the right pro for your big day, follow these tips:

Set a budget: Decide on a price range before you contact photographers.

Identify your style: Be clear about what kind of photography you like, and what mix of image types you want. Answer these questions:

  • What kind of story do you want your pictures to tell?
  • Do you prefer a photojournalist approach or something more traditional?
  • Do you want mostly candid or posed shots?
  • Will you want pre-event photos, such as engagement portraits?

Review pros’ styles: Check photographers work online. Note the ones whose work you like.

Plan early: After choosing the date and venue, hiring a photographer is one of the major decisions when planning a wedding or major event.

Get recommendations:  If you plan to employ a wedding or event planner, ask for photographer recommendations. Or, ask family and friends who they’ve liked. Consider also how Angie’s List can help. Members have access to local consumer reviews on photographers and service providers in more than 550 other categories.