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Bill Marriott and Jason Giordano


Hello I’m Jason, a Clifton New Jersey wedding photographer and I focus my photography on photojournalistic and reportage style approach to shooting weddings.

I’m recently married to the girl who lived next door back in my child hood days.  We reunited after my return from living in the US Virgin Islands for 14 years.

I was introduced to wedding photography while working at the Marriott Frenchman’s’ Reef where I was the director of A/V for corporate events.  It was here where I began to truly understand the importance of customer service. I spent all my free time studying books on providing quality service learning new ways to exceed client’s expectations.

My services are 5 star rated on all three Wedding Wire, Thumbtack and Angie’s List.

To the right is a photo of me and Bill Marriott, the gentleman that started my journey in satisfying and exceeding clients expectations at every opportunity.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,



You loved my work! I am happy I was there! Want to help? Please take a moment to leave a review at one or all of the sites below. I can not thank you enough for taking the time to do so. To me it’s the biggest compliment I can receive.

Thank you again for trusting me to capture and tell the story of your day.

Feel free to see my reviews or leave a review for at the following.


Something I found when I lowballed a wedding and the client said sorry there were two others that were cheaper!

By Laura,

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m always talking about the importance of quality photography. Well, one of the major reasons for this is because I made a big mistake that I regret- and one that I hope to prevent other brides from making.

I hired a cheap wedding photographer.

The fact is, when I was planning my wedding, I had no clue about anything. I didn’t know what to expect costs to be, what to look for, or how to even know figure out what I liked. The only resources I used were large, popular wedding sites because that’s all I knew about and quite frankly, all that I could find back then. When I used the budget recommendations of these sites and magazines, the recommended photography percentage was way below what I was realistically seeing for photographer pricing. I didn’t have anyone to tell me what the “normal” pricing was for a good photographer, or even how to know what would be considered “good”. I was counting on the resources I used to help me, and they sadly didn’t. To make a long story short, this is one of the reasons why I set out to provide realistic information to brides about weddings, and so here I am today! (Note: go here to find out what to expect wedding professionals to cost!)

I’m certainly in no way a photographer, but since I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I did, I thought it would be helpful to pass along some tidbits that I wish I had known when it came to wedding photographers…


One of the first things that would be crucial to know is the normal cost for decent photography, because I myself had no idea. According to my survey of wedding professionals, you can expect to see pricing around $3500 for a professional photographer. This of course will vary depending on location, as well as with the photographers and their experience.


Oh my goodness- I definitely wish I had known more about what to look for when it came to quality! I met with 4 photographers, but I got so fixated on price that I forgot to also look at quality. It can be quite difficult to compare just based on price, because often times photographers’ pricing structures are different- not to mention that their experience and quality is going to be different too! So please, I beg of you- pay more attention to the quality than to the cost!


Keep in mind that photographers are not just taking photos of you for 8 hours on your wedding day. They also have to edit the photos (which can take up to 30 hours), design the album, answer your emails and phone calls, and carry out all of the other administrative duties that owning a business entails. (There is so much more, but I’ll leave that to the photographers to explain!) Sure, it’s easy to say that a photographer is making $3500 for a day’s work, but all of the work done before and after the wedding ends up being way more than just one day.

[Note: Don’t get me wrong when I say “cheap photographer”. I paid more than what would normally be considered “cheap”- it kills me knowing what I paid, and now knowing what I could have had for that same amount. But when you consider what was included in the price (my 12 hour wedding day, engagement session, bridal session, album and prints), and then see the pretty much unedited images, then yes, it was indeed “cheap”.]

Needless to say, I’m still pretty heartbroken about my lack of knowledge when it came to choosing my photographer. Now that I look at amazing work from photographers every day, I know that my photos could have been so much better. But you live and you learn, right?


If you have any questions about choosing your photographer, please ask! I don’t want anyone else to experience this regret, and this is one of the many reasons why I write this blog and why I entered the wedding industry. I want to help everyone have the absolute best wedding possible, and I believe that knowledge is the key to that!




An amazing evening with Maureen and Robert at the Garden City Hotel in Long Island.

Please visit the website at

Reviews can be found on Angie’s List as well as Wedding Wire


We are located in Clifton New Jersey. Serving all of New Jersey including Franklin Lakes, Wycoff and Allendale.



Jason GiordanoOffering professional portraits.

Services offered on site.  We come to you for your convenience. It’s all about image.Your portrait will sell you at your finest.  We take the time  from preproduction through post production to meet the highest level of professional portraits found today.

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JGiordano Photography is proud to announce that we are donating our time to the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey.  We will be photographing the Golf Outing Charity Event on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at the Upper Montclair Country Club – Clifton, NJ  Portraits of each foursome will be taken at the 9th hole and prints will be provided to all participants.  We are also offering a free wedding photography package to be auctioned off in the silent auction.  For those that may be interested in participating see the link provided.

Link for the Golf Outing . Click here

Interview Jason Giordano

Jason Giordano interviewed by Thumbtack.


New Logo Design

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4 header logo 2013

 Above is a recent header I’ve created for my website and other marketing material.  What do you think?

Jason Giordano Photography


Great time with Catherine and Michael last week.  The church was St Henry’s in Bayonne NJ.  If you don’t know St Henry’s I would say it’s a must to consider when looking for a church ceremony.   Thanks again Catherine for having me. I will miss the weekly calls and fun chats.  Best to you both and as always call anytime!



Elite Pro Award

• How did your business/company start, and what was the greatest challenge that you encountered along the way?

My business started as a fascination with photography at a very young age. I have enjoyed taking photos for as long as I can remember. I never considered the possibility of making a living as a photographer until I was approached by a well-known photographer in St. Thomas, who was impressed with the way I interacted with clients at the hotel I was working at during that time. He asked if I had an interest in photography and shortly after I was shooting weddings by his side. It wasn’t very long before I was booking weddings on my own. The biggest challenge for me was the realization that I was now not only a photographer but also an accountant, web designer, salesman, wedding director and a marketing expert. Taking photographs would consume a small fraction of my time with all the duties that come with running a business. Fortunately for me I love that aspect as well. If I didn’t it would be much easier to work for someone else and let him or her do all the legwork.

I would have to say the biggest challenge was relocating back to New Jersey and New York a few years ago. New York is the most competitive market in the world. I am happy to have had as much success as I have in such a short period of time. To have the ability to make a living as a photographer here is a great honor. Words can’t describe how happy I am doing what I love, where I love to be.

• How would you describe your usual clients in terms of status, needs, and level of satisfaction toward your services?

My clients vary greatly. Since relocating I have been very aggressive in my pricing in order to help get the business off the ground, reducing my rates by nearly half. Everyone that contacts me through Thumbtack has been getting the deal of a lifetime. I understand the value of word of mouth from each wedding I have the honor to shoot. I let the quality of my work speak for itself first, then work diligently to come up with a package that meets the clients’ need as well as the needs of my business. I rarely walk away from a potential client. I always try to match a competitor’s price. Sometimes I can, and others I can come close to. However, there are times when I will have to walk away.

These days, there are a lot of “weekend warriors” who have bought a nice camera and may know how to take a decent photo from time to time, so they assume they can make a few dollars on the side as a wedding photographer. There are many problems with this philosophy. Number one: they are probably doing this for the money first. This is a big red flag in my book. They are not paying the overhead it takes for me to get to the level of service I provide. There are a lot of costs that go into taking “a few photos” at a wedding in addition to experience that can only come from being a full time wedding and event photographer. If you have a budget, be honest and let me know. I will work with you. I understand there will always be someone willing to do it for less, but I can assure you if I am walking away you may really want to do your homework on the “photographer” you are considering. Go ahead and Google them. Ask yourself, are they a weekend warrior? Ask them. Do they have insurance? Are they an active member of the Professional Photographers of America? Can they provide recommendations? Are they willing to show you a full wedding that they’ve shot recently?

If you love my work I ask that you give me a chance to work with you to provide a package that satisfies your needs within your budget. I will strive for your five star ratings and complete satisfaction. No need to settle for less then amazing.

• What do you think is the most effective strategy to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your service?

Become friends. A good rapport is everything in this business. A great relationship will come through in the photos. I work hard to turn my clients into ambassadors for JGiordano Photography.

Stay in touch. I stay engaged at all times. I make myself available when called upon and answer all questions or concerns in a timely manner.

Going above and beyond. I have experience in event management and have assisted in setting up the venue when a group was running behind, even volunteering help in situations such as carrying in centerpieces from the car when seeing clients struggle. I do everything I can to help assure the clients’ success. I make that my business even before I’m hired. I let all potential customers know that even if they choose to go another direction, I am happy to assist should they have questions in any and all aspects of their event. If I don’t have the answer, I will find someone for them who does.

• What was your most favorite and successful project? 

The very first wedding I shot stands out as my favorite experience. I was able to physically hand over the prints to the couple and they started crying right in front of me. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. I was floored. They were tears of joy and excitement. I had given them the ability to look back in time from a perspective neither had previously imagined. They both hugged me and thanked me profusely. It was that moment I knew what I would be doing for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, I have been able to turn that passion into a living.

I have remained humbled by that experience and continue to strive for that level of satisfaction each and every event.

If you’re looking for high quality, professionalism, personality and exceptional service, you should consider JGiordano Photography.

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Hiring a photographer through Thumbtack?

Using Thumbtack  to Hire Your Photographer. by Jason Giordano 

My name is Jason Giordano with JGiordano Photography located in Clifton New Jersey. I have been with Thumbtack as a vendor for photography since Thumbtacks beginning. I have spoken with Marco Zappacosta Co-founder & CEO of Thumbtack on a few occasions with my concerns and suggestions.  He is genuine and sincere and I have strong faith in the success of Thumbtack in part because of his commitment to vendors such as myself.

Thumbtack can be very useful for everyone.  The only challenge I’ve had with the service as a vendor for photography are leads posted without a phone number.  Each lead costs money and up to $15.00 at the moment for 1 lead with or without a phone number. I will only respond to leads with phone numbers, as they are more likely to turn into a sale. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on this site and have 5 star reviews from the many customers I’ve serviced here. Leads without phone numbers are usually people searching for prices without the intent to commit any time soon.  And for now a complete waste of my time and effort though I’m certain this may work for some. . A phone number gives credibility to the lead assuring me that my money is not being wasted. I can’t help but feel that leads without phone numbers could be being created by someone being paid to do so even if this is not true. It seems too easy to be ripped off in that way. With a phone number I am then given the opportunity to develop a relationship with the potential client and potential long-term friend. That relationship is critical to the success of my business. Without a phone number I’m just another quote on the pile. I don’t want to be seen as a dollar sign.  Don’t get me wrong, I am always willing to work within your budget and 9 times out of ten can find a way to offer a package that meets your needs so you can avoid risking your wedding photography to an amateur.  What good is a DVD and photo album if the photos themselves are less than desirable?

   My advice to any one using Thumbtack to find a service like photography for your wedding is to leave a phone number.  They limit the amount of vendors that may contact you to five. This way you’re not inundated with calls and you have a good amount of photographers to choose from.  Also, make sure you are dealing with a professional at all price points.  Whether you’re looking to spend $200 or $4000 make sure you are hiring a professional and not just anyone with a camera. There are many “PHOTOGRAPHERS” in the industry without the training, experience, and insurance required guaranteeing consistent beautiful work with the care and professionalism you deserve. You almost always pay a little more for the true professional as it costs them more time and commitment to learn the craft. It also costs the true professional more money to do this full-time as we are consistently spending money on training to keep up with new techniques and maintaining equipment to assure your photography up to todays standards awhile reducing the risk of equipment failure.  Be sure your photographer has a complete backup of all equipment. Look for ratings and reviews and always view samples of their work before committing to a photographer.  Also be sure to have a good relationship with your photographer, as it will come through in your images. Has anyone had experience using Thumbtack? I would love to know your thoughts wether your a vendor such as myself or someone looking for a vendor, it would be great to hear your perspective on using Thumbtack.

Hope this helps!

Jason Giordano


Fully Insured

Five Star rated on Thumbtack, Wedding Wire, and Angie’s List

Serving New York and New Jersey


Janet and Mohamed Wedding by Jason Giordano from Jason Giordano on Vimeo.


 Janet and Mohamed were married on April 13th, 2013. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. I can honestly say I have never felt more a part of the family of a couple I had only spoke to a few weeks before the ceremony. They were married by the animated and friendly Mayor of Garfield Joseph Delaney at the Courthouse. We visited the Paterson Great Falls for a few pre wedding photos.


Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Jason Giordano Photography

Selecting your ISO

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Before I go into what ISO is I think it’s best if I mention a few points about your the importance of learning how to navigate your camera. You must learn to be able to adjust the settings intuitively.  Even if at the moment you have no idea what these settings do. You should be fully aware of where the settings are and how to change them when called upon to do so.  This will make learning how to use each setting less frustrating.

When I first got started I was clueless and frustrated. I think it was because I was always expecting this magic setting that was going to solve all my problems. Photography is an art. There is no right or wrong way to take a photograph.  It’s only wrong if you say it is.  So take the pressure off of yourself.  If the image is not what you wanted the first time you’re one frame closer to getting there. If you’re just getting started the best advice I can give you is to take your  time!  I’d go as far to say to try and take one good photo

Well what is ISO first of all.  I always like to assume you know nothing at all about photography so please bare with me if you know the answer.  I know there are a few of you who will appreciate an explanation so this is for you. Well on the nerd side of things ISO is derived from the International Organization for Standardization. To put it in plain english it’s simply a standard used to measure the sensitivity of film to light.  Film rated at ISO100 is less sensitive to light then film rated at ISO 800.   Since film rated at ISO 100 is less sensitive it requires more light to be properly exposed than the ISO 800 film.  Well film is practically a thing of the past to most consumers so the ISO rating has been carried over to our digital cameras of today.  Instead of film your digital camera has a sensor that you can now change the sensitivity or ISO by simply pressing a button or dialing a knob or both.  Now is a great time to grab the manual to your camera and find out how to change the ISO setting in your particular camera. Seriously go get your manual if you have not already.

Set the ISO to 100. Once you’ve done that practice changing the sensors ISO from 100 to an ISO of 400.  If you had to go into a menu to do so I suggest turing your camera off and back on again.  Then go back into your menu to check the ISO.  Did the ISO save at 400?  If so your doing well.  If not maybe you forgot to hit save settings at the end? Whatever the case keep at it until you become familiar with changing this setting.

As a general rule and the best way to learn is to go out and shoot as often as you can and learn from the results. Remember there are other settings that will affect the correct exposure.

See what happens when you set the ISO at the lowest ISO rating and then shoot in an auto mode of your camera.  Then  without changing anything else.  The point of this exercise is to see the affects on the image.  Don’t worry about taking a nice photo during this exercise.  Just concentrate on watching whether the image gets lighter or darker.



Least sensitive to light. Low ISO 100

ISO 100 to 400 generally good for the daytime on a nice bright day.  The sensor is least sensitive and requires more light







ISO 700ISO 400 to 800  best for early evening and shady overcast days. The sensor is more sensitive to light and requires less light.





High ISO 6400 Very sensitive to light.

High ISO 6400 Very sensitive to light.

Try the highest setting your camera will allow.  See what happens.


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Come here for link to June 11 Prom Photos

Clients come first!

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Ok, so I tried to have a post to you today. Unfortunately I was unable due to.  Being a one man show is a lot of work.  My clients always come first!  They have the number one priority over everything.  I will always drop what I am doing to meet the needs of my clients in a timely manner.  So please check back tomorrow if you’re interested in learning what the ISO setting on your camera is.

Keep shooting!




A few images from the Virgin Islands.  Hope you enjoy!

Your Camera

Understanding your camera.


It’s a good idea to understand how your camera works. Camera’s today are getting smarter and smarter. Sometimes it feels like there’s a new model coming out every week.  Even though technology is improving the functions of todays cameras there will always be decisions to make as the photographer.  This will never change.  The final image will always be affected by those decisions.  If everyone in a room were given the same camera and told to shoot the same subject, every image would be unique in its own way based on what decisions each person made. Everyone interprets what they see and how they see things differently.  Did you want to stop the action or show motion blur of a runner?  Did you want the focus on one sunflower in the field or were you shooting a scene of the sunflower field?  You  can decide to let the camera make certain decisions for you based on the manufactures calculations set for you or you can control the shutter speed, aperture and the focus manually. I would highly suggest using your cameras in the manual mode to get to understand your camera if you’d like to understand how it works. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to discuss a bit of the basic camera controls. I promise to do my best! So check back tomorrow.


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Making the Exposure

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Make the exposure 


Just before you squeeze the shutter button remember to look at your composition one last time to make any final adjustments. Refocus if you’ve moved your composition. Gently press the shutter release button.  Afterwards make a few more exposures of the same scene at different angles.  Try shooting from high above or down below.  From the left or from the right.  Also back up away from your subject or get in real tight.  I always shoot what I think would be the most interesting angles first and then try to mix up the scene afterward.  I’d say 85% of the time my original idea works best but it’s the other 15% is where I can really be pleasantly surprised and all it took was a little time and exploration.

Hope this helps!


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Fine Art Portraits

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Fine Art Print Jason Giordano

Erik and Robyn on top of the Rockefeller Center



Another creation  for a client I had the last month.  Erik noticed the image I posted a few weeks ago and asked if it was possible to create one  for him and Robyn. I was happy to oblige.

Taking your pictures

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Hold your camera steady.


Believe it or not to this day I still take a moment before each shot to consciously think about how I’m holding my camera. I keep my elbows held close to my body while keeping my feet about shoulder distance apart.  Being conscience to hold the weight of the camera with my left hand and then concentrate on slowly squeezing the shutter release button with my right hand pointer finger. I say squeezing the button as opposed to a quick and sudden push.  If you push the button with a quick and sudden movement you more than likely will introduce camera shake.

I’ll also look around me to see where I am.  If I am shooting at a distance I will use a wall or a pole to lean on if near by to help support me.  This trick will really help keep a steady hand when shooting across a large room.

Jason Giordano Painted Engagement Photo

Creating a painted look to your engagement photo is possible.

New Technique

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Photography Techniques

Applying new techniques I’ve learned recently. Continuing my photography education daily to provide the latest in Wedding Photography trends.

As stated in the caption of this image I am continuing to provide new and innovative techniques to my clients. Above is a sample of my latest work. Stay tuned to see more of Jason Giordano Photography is creating in 2013.


National Campaign

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